Parenting is both the most rewarding and most stressful job we have

My little secret? It doesn’t have to be so hard.

It’s amazing the rollercoaster that our lives with small children can be! One minute, we’re in awe of these small people – as they learn to navigate this big world and as we watch their unique personalities emerge, bloom and grow. The very next moment, we’re completely bewildered – and absolutely frustrated – by their behavior. Sometimes we just can’t figure out what they’re thinking!

Tantrums, biting, hitting – these kinds of issues can make us feel like we’ve lost our babies. Where did that sweet little one go? We understand that these behaviors are part of our children’s development but knowing that doesn’t keep us from feeling overwhelmed and hoping that this is just a passing ‘phase’.


And how do we handle our own feelings – that feeling that you could just tear your hair out? What about when we just don’t want to hear one more sassy comment or handle another embarrassing public meltdown?

What if it could be different?

What would it be like to enjoy parenting again? What if you could communicate more openly and get more cooperation with less hassle?

As a mom, I know what it’s like to be so completely overwhelmed. I know how devastating it is to hear your 5 year old tell you that she hates you. I know the neck-prickling factor of the stares that a good tantrum in the supermarket can produce. And I have a secret.

As a trained parenting mentor I know what we can do to stop these meltdowns. I’ve used time-tested tools to find my own well of patience when I needed it the most. I’ve developed a system for getting the cooperation I need from my kids (all 3 of them) without resorting to bribes, punishments or constant nagging. The best part is that I’m able to keep my parenting aligned with my deepest core values. This is the stuff that really matters.

What would your home look like if your interactions were aligned with your beliefs and intentions? What would change for your family if you had more cooperation and respect from your kids?

Harmony, increased enjoyment and understanding – these are the kinds of things my clients talk about when they commit to my parent coaching program.

This changes EVERYTHING

Remember that time when you went on a walk with your neighbor (whose kids never seem to misbehave)? Your daughter, 5, ran too far ahead and you gently reminded her to stay closer to the group. You told her that it wasn’t safe to get too far ahead. You didn’t expect what would happen next.

She turned, stared you straight in the face, stuck out her tongue and ran even further ahead! All you could think was how she knew better. You felt cornered because your neighbor was right there – witnessing all of it. She even said, “if she were my kid….!” How should you react? What should you do? And, boy, were you angry under the embarrassment and shock of her defiance.

We’ve ALL been there. Public meltdowns, angry words directed at us, sometimes our kids even physically strike out at us. And then there our reactions that can shock and sadden us even more. I know the feeling of remorse and regret after saying things to my kids that I really didn’t mean. I’ve given them messages that I never intended to impart.

If this sounds familiar, if you’re ready to change your story, let’s get started.


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